Folding and Cutting

Our professional, knowledgeable staff provides many different options for folding. Furthermore, our high-speed folding machines can fold at speeds exceeding several thousand sheets per hour. 

Folding services we offer:

C (or Letter) Fold:

Usually to produce 1/3 A4 (DL) size where to folds wrap inwards around themselves.

Cross Fold:

Two folds at right angles to each other.

Gate Fold:

Turns in on itself from both edges to the center.

Knife Fold:

A fold created by a blunt straight edge plunging down onto and usually the middle of a flat sheet.

Roll Fold:

Paper is wrapped around itself at each fold.

Z Fold:

Two folds produce a z-shape, usually A4 size folded to 1/3.

Double Fold:

Three folds of a page to produce four equal lengths sections.

Fan Fold:

Usually in continuous paper which gives the same effect as a fan – left hand fold followed by right and so on.

Pocket Fold:

An oversize page or sheet folded in order that it can be inserted into a pocket within a folder or wallet.

Asymmetric Fold:

Paper that has unequal length sides.

For additional tips on folding techniques, please click here for free tips.


Cutting Services 

Our computerized digital paper cutters use high-pressure hydraulic clamps to hold the paper in place while a razor-sharp steel blade makes precise cuts. We can cut stacks of paper 6 inches tall and up to 45 inches wide in one cut!