Perfect Binding

Widely used for paperback books. Adhesive is applied to the edge of the pages and the cover is wrapped around the pages creating a front, back, and spine. A perfect bound book will lie almost flat when opened.

Perfect binding is more cost effective than sewn (hard cover) books and can are used more than any other book binding application.  Though perfect binding is used more so to create paperback books, it can also be used for catalogs, manuals and even magazines. 

Perfect Binding is performed by grounding the sheets at the spine, teasing out the fibers from the paper and putting small notches into the spine for the adhesive to flow into. For the best results, the spine area of the text and cover should be free from ink, varnish, sealers and laminates.

It is also recommended to that the grain direction of all both the text and cover follow the length of the paper grain.

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