Plastic Coil / Comb Binding

Plastic coil and comb binding is a cost effective, durable binding method.  Plastic coil is more flexible than wire based binding applications which makes it ideal for binding heavy use items such as children’s books and training manuals.

A comb-bound book is made of individual sheets, each with a line of slits punched near the bound edge. A curled plastic "comb" is fed through the slits to hold the sheets together.  Comb binding allows a book to be disassembled and reassembled by hand without damage. Plastic comb binding is best suited for projects of 50 pages or less.

Plastic coil binding can be used for virtually an unlimited number of pages.  In addition to being a good choice for heavy use project binding, coil binding is an innovative way to give presentations and reports a unique edge by offering nearly 100 colors for your design concept.